Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day #10,760

It has been 1,537 weeks since the first time I took in oxygen and expelled carbon dioxide and I started my journey in the human experience. Now, 29 years, 5 months, and 17 days later I have finally woke-up.

29 Years Of Catching ZZZ's

Almost 30 years (eik!) years old and I have lived a full life. I have been grounded for making my little brother watch scary movies. I graduated with honors. I have enrolled and dropped out of college countless times. I have fallen in love. I have had my heart broken, and broke some hearts. I went on road trips to find myself. I have had a beer. I have voted in national elections. I have lived! But here I am planning my "dirty thirty", starting a new career, have a spectacular boyfriend and find myself just awaking to the world around me.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. The epicenter for "green" living, recycling, and environmental awareness. I have always heard about terms like "green house effect" and "global warming" but it did not mean much to me. It has always been common knowledge that we have to take care of Mother Earth so that she keeps taking care of us. With everyone caring so much about our world, how the hell is it being destroyed at such an exponential rate?

God. Politics. Money. Greed. Laziness. Dwindling education systems. Reality T.V. There is a whole list of excuses as to why people are avoiding the fact that global warming is real. This is happening right now!

The rose colored glasses have come off. We, as global citizens, cannot sleep anymore. We must see the world around us for not how we want it to be but for how it is right now. Not ten years ago. Not twenty years from now. Today! Action must be taken today for there to be the slightest view of hope.

That is why I have started this blog today. I may not be able to stop every litter bug from tossing their plastic water bottle into the trash, but I can try my best to increase awareness. So...here it goes!

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