Who's Kate?


Born in Oregon, I have a life long obsession with being outdoors. I was ski-biscuiting before I could talk and water skiing since before I entered kindergarten. Holidays were spend on family vacations with our boat, a bonfire, and best friends. The older I got the more and more I developed a deep passion for the outdoors. 

I live a "nomadic" life. Though my parents are people to put down roots and stay put, I tend to move...often. Oregon has always been home. I love travel and hope to get to all 50 states long before I turn 50. My boyfriend, Cole, luckily shares my passion for adventure and our time together we have been legen-waitforit-dary.

There has always been an awareness of the environment however not in the same capacity. In the last few months it has become a scary world with climate change and the blind eye most are willing to take. Though I do not have children my friends and family do and I plan on making this world the best I can for them.

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