Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Climate Change With A Chance Of Tyson

Threat Level: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Earlier today I was casually scrolling through Facebook when an article one of my friends read caught my eye on AlterNet. This online non-profit, Independent Media Institute (IMI), provides a positive outlet for independent thinkers through journalism. Dan Arel, a writer for AlterNet, posed interesting ideas with his article "Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Lightning Rod Major Threat Science Poses Creationists?"

Creationists have long feared science. But why? Katharine Hayhoe, a devote Christian and scientist, does not see any conflict. Don Cheadle meets with her face to face to shine a light on why you can follow your faith while still fight against climate change.

Thank you to Years Of Living Dangerously for continuously showing us that it does not matter what our faith or background, we are all together in slowing the impacts of climate change.

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